• In 1928 the Montaldo
    Brothers began
    manufacture heating,
    cooking, lighting and
    welding products.
    The company started in
    a small garage in the
    centre of Turin.
    The company was
    called Fratelli Montaldo
    (Montaldo brothers).


  • Thanks to the skill and
    the talent of the founders
    after a few years the range
    of products increased
    and they became the
    market leader in Italy,
    producing innovative
    products. During the
    thirties thanks to their
    design and quality, the
    products were shown
    at the most important
    International trade fairs
    and the company began
    to export into Europe.
    In 1937 a new factory
    was built in Turin.
    New pressing and drilling
    machines and assembly
    lines were used
    to increase the
    production capacity.


  • In the forties the
    products were
    sold across
    Africa and the
    Middle East to
    a total of 57
    Some products,
    thanks to their
    innovative design
    received important
    awards at
    Trade fair.


  • In 1955 one of the founders
    dreamed of (divine)
    providence (Providus in Latin)
    and the PROVIDUS trade
    mark was created whilst the
    company kept the old name of
    Fratelli Montaldo. Within a few
    years the PROVIDUS brand
    became more and more
    popular around the world
    and the shareholders
    decided to rename the
    company PROVIDUS S.p.a.
    Progressively with the
    advent of the LPG
    (Liquefied Petroleum
    Gases) the products were
    developed to work with the
    new fuel rather than with
    paraffin or petrol.


  • At the end of the fifties,
    the Montaldo Brothers sold
    the company, and the firm
    began its new phase of
    aiming to export all over
    the world.

    end ’50

  • In 1989 the factory moved
    to Collegno, a small city
    close to Turin, where
    a new warehouse was


  • At the begin of 21st century a new
    division was created to produce
    gas cartridges and bottles and the
    company traded with all the largest
    worldwide manufacturers and
    worldwide distributors of welding and
    camping products. Products are now
    sold in over 90 countries on
    all 5 continents.


  • In 2007 Providus joined
    the Campweld Group.


  • In 2009, 81 years after its
    foundation the new PRO Center
    plant was built with around 10.000
    sqm. of production area and
    35.000 sqm. of land.
    The production line is now fully
    automated with the packaging line and
    the products are shipped all around the
    world from the new Logistics Center.


Our Group is known all over the World and our products are distributed in 5 continents.

Thanks to the new Logistic PRO Center combined with our technological knowledge, and know-how we are able to offer to all our worldwide Customers excellent quality and service.

Campweld Group holding is a leading Italian company manufacturing welding, soldering, camping and heating products. Providus, founded in 1928, is one of the world oldest manufacturers of welding, soldering, camping and heating products.

Campweld Group, one of the world largest producers of 190 g pierceable gas cartridges and 7/16” threaded gas bottles for welding, soldering and camping purposes. All products comply with the EN417 European regulation and are certified from TUV Germany. Production is fully automatic and made with the most modern pressing, assembly, filling and packing machines. The brand new production lines make of CAMPWELD the most modern manufacturer in the world.